The largest and the most visible organ of the human body is Skin. A skin rash or an eruption or patch may be harmless. Sometimes it might be a hidden cause of long term diseases or serious illness pertaining to skin or other internal organs. in Ayurveda skin diseases are collectively considered under a common term of Kushta. Various skin conditions mainly Psoriasis, Urticaria,, Acne,Seborrheic dermatitis,Eczema, Fungal infections etc will come under this common entity.

  Psoriasis is a chronic, Inflammatory, immune mediated proliferative,  disfiguring and disabling disease . In addition to skin, it will result in inflammatory arthritis (psoriatic arthritis). Those patients are at higher risk of developing other non communicable diseases also in future. So there is an increased demand which can be benefitted on a long run without any adverse effects. Depends upon the symptoms like extended skin lesion, scaling of skin, painful joints, stiffness etc.

Treatment schedule will be planned in our hospital – Sri Vaidyanatha.


 Here bahya chikitsa (external body treatments) and abhyanthara chikitsa (internal therapies), etc, will be administered. Internal therapy includes Snehapana (intake of medicated ghee in variable amounts), Vamana (emesis therapy ), Virechana (Purgation therapy) etc are included. It is a bioclensing method (shodhana therapy). It prevents the recurrence of skin diseases. Rakta shodhana is the main goal to be achieved through this. Through this normal level of ESR (Erythrocyte sedimentation rate), LDH, Total cholesterol, plasma histamine level etc can be achieved. It regulates the sodium to potassium ratio level, which helps to reduce the dryness of skin and thereby controls the scaling of skin. The medicinal herbs which are having anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, immuno-modulating, antihistamine properties are used in treatment plan both internally and externally.

External therapy includes medicated oil massage, utsadana chikitsa (scrubbing the skin patches with medicated powder),

Dhara (pouring medicated kashaya or oils),

 blood- letting therapy (leech therapy and venesection ) etc are used based on symptoms. Thus the irreversible management of these chronic diseases can be achieved through our hospital – Sri Vaidyanatha.