Acute prolonged intervertebral disc is a painful condition that requires immediate treatment. This pathology indicates when the intervertebral disc in low back region , protrudes out  causing pain especially low back ache associated with sciatic pain(radiating pain to one or both lower limbs along with swelling of the affected region). In acute IVDP of lumbar spine there is increase in pain while bending forward, coughing, sneezing or turning in bed.

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  • The treatment for this condition includes  Panchakarma procedure and basti chikitsa. Special preparation of an unique poultice fermentation (Aushadha Kizhi) which is the sole preparation of Sri Vaidyanatha Hospital cures the pain and stiffness of affected region completely. It increases regional circulation and reduces pain, spasm of muscles and restore flexibility. Basti chikitsa is considered as the prime treatment and half treatment in this condition. It is included under panchkarma chikitsa. Different types of Basti includes Kashaya basti (decotion enema), taila basti(oil enema) etc.This method of treatment is beneficial in treating lumbar stiffening in Lumbo sacral region, pain in low back region,tailbone pain, IVDP, Degenerative joint pain, cervical spondylitis(pain and stiffness at the neck region).

Depends upon the disease manifestation the protocol of treatment and is planned. An Irreversible management of this severe condition can be attained through the treatment modulation of Sri Vaidyanatha Hospital.