EYE & ENT Ayurvedic clinic

EYE & ENT Ayurvedic clinic

Department of shalakya Tantra at Sri Vaidyanatha ayurveda hospital. Shalakya Tantra Is a branch of Ayurveda that deals with the diseases pertaining to the region above the area  of the neck,Which includes eye,ear, nose, throat as well as diseases of the head.

Eye care: –

Sri Vaidyanatha offers better treatment of eye diseases through conservative management. 

 Refractive errors, Common ophthalmologic allergic manifestations, diabetic retinopathy and other retinal and Molecular pathology on the basis of stage and chronicity of the conditions. The betterment of these conditions can be achieved through proper diagnosis and management. We often perform stage wise analysis of the conditions through a series of examination protocols which includes direct and direct ophthalmology, slit lamp biomicroscopy, Tonometry, Auto-refractometer, etc. 

Proper evaluation and diagnosis shall be done with these examination procedures.

Management of these conditions can be achieved through the procedures of ‘Kriya Kalpa’ which includes Seka, Ascaotana, anjana, tarpanam, putapaka etc. These are tropical medicinal applications for management of  different Eye diseases. Different medicinal preparations are being used for kriyakalpa based on the stage and chronicity of conditions. 7,14 or 21 Days treatment will be administered to the patient based on conditions. Afterwards proper follow ups with the regular medications which we are providing will help to relieve from the conditions.

The common conditions we usually deal  with,

 Myopia and school going myopia



Diabetic retinopathy

Dry eye syndrome

Allergic Eye diseases

Computer vision syndrome etc 


ENT Care through Sri Vaidyanatha Ayurveda: –

Shalakya Tantra also deals with the diseases affecting ear, nose and throat. We also deal with the infectious conditions such as CSOM(Chronic Ear Infections), Sinusitis, tonsillitis through different treatment protocols of Nasya, Shirodhara, Kabala, Gandoosha, Shirovasti, etc.